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• 1960 Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province on April 12th
• 1960 出生于太原(4月12日)
• 1970 Stopped his primary studies and experienced the hardship of farm work
• 1970 因母亲被下放到农村,完成四年小学课程后亦学会了做农活。
• 1971 Was sent to Taiyuan Youth Palace to be initiated to dancing and singing.
• 1971 被父母送往太原市少年宫学习舞蹈、唱歌。
• 1972 Entered Taiyuan Physical Education (PE) School
• 1972 进入太原市少年体育学校。
• 1973 Entered Taiyuan No. 25 Middle School.
• 1973 考入太原市第25中学
• 1976 As PE Special Forces was recruited into Shijiazhuang Artillery of Beijing Military Area Command.
• 1976 被北京军区石家庄炮兵师以体育特种兵征入伍。
• 1977 Manifested a strong interest in illustrations, artistic calligraphy and masthead design. He frequently copied the artistic calligraphy and illustrations.
• 1977 开始自发地堆美术插图、美术字、报纸刊头设计产生了强烈的兴趣,并开始练习书法。
• 1984 Learned Li style from Mr. Yan Jun,A well-known Calligrafhist in Shanxi.married to Ye Qing.
• 1984 拜山西名书法家阎俊先生为师学习隶书,与叶青成亲。
• 1985 Learned Kai Style from another famous calligraghist Mr.Yan Xulin in Shanxi..
• 1985 拜山西书法名家阎旭临为师学习楷书。
• 1986 Took Part in “National Contest for Pen Calligrafhy”and won a second prize.
• 1986 参加“全国硬笔书法大赛”,获第二名
• 1987 Received an award for his pursuit of self-improvement through independent study by Taiyuan Labour Union. Yang wrote the plaque for Shan Nian Temple in Anshou Country, Japan. Also participated in the "National Youth Hard-tipped Calligraphy Match" and won the special award.
• 参加“全国年轻人硬笔书法大赛“ 获特等奖;同年,获得太原市工会颁发的“太原市职工自学成材奖”
• 1989 Quitted his job, then became a real professional ;in order to make a living, he opened a 15-squre-meter store named ”Eternal Elegance Hall”, selling the four treasures of the study with all money he got. in the same year, he won a third prize in “Shushing Cup for International Calligraphy Contest” ,a first prize in “the First National Province, City and Municipality Pen Calligraphy Contest” and was invited to be the vice president of Shanxi sub-council of the Association of Chinese Pen Calligraphist.
• 1989 辞退公职并用仅有的6000块开了一家15平米的文房四宝店“久雅堂”;同年,在“书圣杯国际书法大赛”中获三等奖;参加“首届全国省市自治区硬笔书法大赛”,获得一等奖;并被聘请为中国硬笔书法家协会山西分会副主席。
• 1990 Won the highest prize "Gold Prize" in "Tanya Cup International Calligraphy Contest". Yang's works and biography were included in the Dictionary of Contemporary Painters and Calligraphists.
• 在三亚“天涯杯国际书法大赛”中获得最高金奖。作品传略被《当代书画篆刻家辞典》收录出版,并收藏于金鼇阁;同年,其硬笔出发作品开始出版。
• 1991 Won the third place in The Second Tournament of International Cultural Exchange - Kele Cup Calligraphy Contest.
• 1991 获“第二届国际文化交流赛---克勒杯中国书法竞赛”三等奖。
• 1993 His works were included in the Collection of International and Modern Calligraphy and Seal Carving in the 20th Century and received the honor of International Cultural Exchange.
• 1993 作品被编入《20世纪国际现代书法篆刻名家荟萃》,并获国际文化交流荣誉奖;简介传略入选《国际现代书画篆刻家大辞典》,并荣获“世界铜奖艺术家”称号。
• 1998 Participated in the China's Seventh Exhibition of Calligraphy and Seal Carving held at the National Art Museum of China.
• 1998 作品入选中国美术馆举行的《中国第七届书法篆刻展》。
• 1999 Established the Yang Xiaojian's Artistic School; he built his first studio Daming Hall. Later Yang joined the National Third Exhibition for Couplet Writing; move to Shanghai
• 1999 创办“杨小健书画美术学校”,担任名誉校长;并成立了第一个艺术工作室“大明堂”;作品入选中国美术馆举办的“全国第三届楹联书法展”;移居上海。
• 2002 Yang's style changed into what has been recognized as the "ink beast".
• 2002 创作风格出现转变,“墨兽派”的风格展露雏形。
• 2005 Established Black sight Studio in Moganshan M50 art zone.
• 2005 在上海M50创意园区成立了自己的第二个艺术工作室“水墨基地”(“黑视力”)