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Greddy Assa

Греди Асса - Greddy Assa Artworks





Rakursi Art Gallery presents the exhibition “From the Atelier” of Greddy Assa from 11 December 2012 through 5 January 2013. One of the most prominent contemporary Bulgarian artist pays homage to artists, poets and writers whom he prices very high. The exhibition is a kind of imaginary conversation with them. There could be find starting points of his attitude towards those who he admires in devotion of the beautiful which always is good as well.
“The art work discover unknown dimension of the sensitivity to the world. It brings together a knot of feelings, thoughts, experiences. It penetrates our inner experience. We fall in love with her as in person. The key to the painting is not in itself but in us.”, says the artist about the idea of his present exhibition.



Selected solo exhibitions:
1988 - Autumn Exhibition, Old City, Plovdiv.
1992 - Meetings with America, American Cultural Center, Sofia.
1993 - Studio 9 Gallery, London.
1996 - The Poetic Neo-expressionismus of Greddy Assa, The Broome Street Gallery, SoHo, New York.
1997 - Pulitzer Art Gallery, Amsterdam.
1998 - Beyond the interior, Irida Gallery, Sofia.
1999 - Passage toward the pleasure, Irida Gallery, Sofia.
2000 - Gallery Katarzyna Napiorkowska, Warsaw.
2001 - Pipes, Gallery Cyclops, Sofia.
2001 - Inner spaces, Gallery Rayko Aleksiev, Sofia.
2002 - Adventures in the painting, Gallery Korea, Seoul.
2002 - Thurther, Gallery Krida Art, Sofia.
2002 - Malovat Gallery, Chicago.
2003 - The Blues, Gallery Art Alley, Sofia.

Public Collections:
Museum Peter Ludwig - Cologne, Germany.
Museum of European Art - Clarence, New York, USA.
Corporative Collection Studio 9 - London, Great Britan.
Bulgarian National Gallery.
Sofia City Gallery.
Memory Museum of Holocaust - Washington, USA.
Jewish Museum - Vienna, Austria.
Naumann Foundation - Bonn, Germany.
John J. Burns Collection at Boston College - Boston, USA.